Welcome to the Neighborhood

At Lena Centers, we are committed to transforming grocery-anchored shopping centers into vibrant, culturally relevant gathering places.

Value to Consumers: 3Cs Framework1


Foster a strong and loyal network of owners, employees, and shoppers in a common geographic area, or who share common attitudes, interests, and feelings of fellowship.


Drive choices about retail products and services by understanding the concerns and preferences of the local consumers, thereby ensuring effective product-market fit.


Serve as a local gathering point that strengthens the network of stakeholders in the business and its underlying connection to the community at large.

1“Reinventing Retail”, Ryan Raffaelli, Harvard Business School

Culturally Relevant Centers

Authentic Experience

Create a welcoming, community-based gathering space for local families and consumers.

Grocery Anchor

Dominant grocer in each market that meets the needs for the local community.

Dynamic Merchandising Mix

Meet the needs of the consumers by curating leasing strategies and center programming.

Modern shopping patterns coupled with demographic shifts have led to significant opportunities in the grocery anchored neighborhood center sector

Demographic Trends

Population growth among certain demographic categories, such as Latin and Asian Americans, exceeds the growth of the broader population.

Grocery As a Fulfillment Node

Supermarkets serve as last-mile grocery delivery hubs to the surrounding community for culturally-relevant goods and services.

Geographic Shifts

Select major metropolitan states have seen positive net migration due to a favorable climate for business and lifestyle.

Specialty Grocery Expansion

Specialty Grocers, which offer culturally-relevant goods and services to a unique consumer category, are institutionalizing and expanding.

Case studies