Built for Movement

Longpoint acquires underperforming logistics properties at attractive prices and implements physical repositioning, adaptive reuse, and development strategies.

Serving The “Smart”
Supply Chain

Logistics Challenges

The digital economy, logistics restructuring, and technological advances are necessitating the shift to a resilient, efficient, and flexible supply chain.

Real Estate Solutions

Functional warehouse nodes close to consumers enable logistics tenants to transport the largest quantity of goods in the least amount of time, at the lowest cost, and over the shortest distance.

Longpoint Approach

Data Driven Market Selection

Longpoint utilizes a data-driven process to identify high-growth, knowledge-based target markets with favorable supply-demand dynamics.

Dynamic Acquisitions Program

Longpoint values its reputation as hardworking, creative, and trustworthy professionals, with an extensive track record forged by on-the-ground teams across seven U.S. offices.

Vertically Integrated Operations

Longpoint founders average 25+ years of experience, including 15+ years working together.