Consumer Centric Delivery System





Value Creation

At Longpoint, we leverage our local networks in target markets to source well-located,
underperforming properties. We rely on our extensive operating experience to create value
at the asset level through:

  • physical
  • adaptive
  • development
  • portfolio

We invest in densely populated, knowledge-based markets with positive net migration and urbanization trends where our deep local relationships generate attractive investment opportunities. We use proprietary technology and research tools to understand local community demographics and to tailor our repositioning strategy for each asset and market.

Expectations for home delivery and shortening delivery times have disrupted traditional supply chain models and increased demand for infill industrial space near population centers. These industrial facilities must be renovated with appropriate physical upgrades to meet current logistics demands.

Our investment approach centers on the convergence between the retail and industrial sectors. Understanding the entire supply chain enables us to effectively reposition both types of assets to enhance operating income and asset value.

More About the Assets We Target

unlocking asset value

Modern Industrial Properties

We renovate industrial buildings with appropriate physical upgrades to meet the current logistics demands of our tenants.

Dynamic Shopping Centers

We transform grocery-anchored retail centers into vibrant gathering places creating an authentic neighborhood experience that provides culturally relevant goods, services, and activities.

Making Bricks + Clicks Work Together

We see e-commerce not as a competitor to brick-and-mortar real estate, but rather as a complement.