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Tom K. Stipanov

Tom K. Stipanov


Thomas K. Stipanov joined Longpoint Realty Partners in 2018 as an associate working with the principals in the acquisitions and real estate operations groups.

Prior to Longpoint, Mr. Stipanov served as an infantry officer in the United States Marine Corps. As a Marine, he commanded a 46-person heavy weapons platoon in preparation for and throughout a 7-month deployment to the Middle East. Subsequently, Mr. Stipanov assumed the role of interim second-in-charge of operations for a 900-Marine infantry battalion and served as officer in charge of a 70-student leadership training program. He traveled overseas to Korea, Malaysia, Africa, and the Middle East organizing operations and providing security for exercises with foreign militaries. He received an Honorable Discharge as a Captain in 2016. Before the Marines, Mr. Stipanov worked for Main Street Realty, a Louisville-based development firm, in a range of roles including writing the business plan for a $120 million public parks project.

Mr. Stipanov holds an MBA from Harvard Business School, where his coursework focused on real estate, private equity, and computer science, and a BA in political science from Yale University.